Velbastaour…Faroe Islands

Is it possible to imagine a life more beautiful than a beautiful island. Every morning over coffee at the beach watching the beautiful blue sea and do not know for the winter season as well.

By: Bjarki DalsgarĂ°

Waianapanapa coast in Maui

If you live in America and you’re not near the ocean you are a fan of tourist destinations and attractive finance you have a problem Hawaii is the most beautiful thing in life that you can experience and remember.


By: kennymatic

Snow capped Grasmoor

One of the rare mountain mass, unspoiled nature and a rich plant and animal life. Especially if you like good hiking choose this destination.

By: Tom

Baobab in Tanzania

Baobab  is commonly known as the largest tree in the world. It is so great that through it may go and stand in a shelter for several cars. Simply you have to see this tree.